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13 June 2010

#6 a place to be.. kept in mind

[Cyprus star, PS..] by Jahmicah


Balmorhea - San Solomon (Rivers Arms)
Balmorhea - Settler (All Is Wild, All Is Silent)
Twin Sister - The Other Side Of Your Face (Color Your Life) [EP]
The Ambience Affair - Lost At The Start (Patterns) [EP]
Peter Broderick - And It's Alright (Nils Frahm RMX) (Erased Tapes Collection II)
Iambic² - Dust Below The Ground (As The Snow Fell)
Clogs - Last Song (The Creatures In The Garden Of Lady Walton)
Message To Bears - At The Top Of This Hill (Departures)



elsafer said...

tenho repetido a sua audição para perceber a estrela que nos transmites.
algo que me faz sentir uma criança ... a pureza da vida

elsafer said...
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elsafer said...

a wonderful place to be ...

Rui said...

Music is only created and experienced as music. Mathematics is the study of mathematics using mathematics. Thus, there is a natural connection between them: Both are experienced as pure objects of the brain, and both have meaning outside of the brain only by artificial connections.

"Music is the pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting." - Gottfried Leibniz

...and I have counted beautiful numbers. ;)


Os Estarolas said...

Que a garra, dedicação e paixão (pela música) nunca te faltem. Força! As nossas músicas preferidas: 3 e 5.
Parabéns pelo convite. ;-)

Ventura said...

finalmente aquilo que as tuas propostas merecem: um fim de dia, uma poltrona, headphones maiores do que as orelhas para as músicas não serem perturbadas por ruídos do mundo lá fora, olhos fechados e o saborear da viagem onde és a guia - muito bom, obrigado.

Mica said...

obrigada! mesmo.

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